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Carton quality standard

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Carton quality standard


   1. The color printing paper box requires clear printing, the printing plate is correct, and the color is in conformity with the color sample.

   2, the size meets the design requirements, clean and tidy inside and outside, no obvious paste paste, no discoloration and yellowing.

   3, the internal arrangement is neat and rigorous.

   4, the carton is discharged according to the law, no obvious tripping phenomenon.

   5, the incision is neat, no obvious burrs.

   6. The degree of cracking on each side of the lid is not more than 2mm.

Portable tray

   7, no soil, mold, insects, rat bites and other phenomena.

   8. The dimensional error is ±0.5mm (quantity to the indentation).

   9. Sampling and inspection methods: Sampling according to the “Standard Working Procedure for Sampling of Outer Packaging Materials”; inspection according to “Carton Inspection Operation Procedures”.

   10. Supplier or manufacturer: on the “List of Qualified Materials Suppliers”.

   11, storage conditions: temperature 0 ~ 30 ° C, relative humidity ≤ 75%.

   12. The longest storage period before re-examination: 3 years.


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