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Changshu City Education Crafts Factory tells you the purpose of high-grade wooden box

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Changshu City Education Crafts Factory tells you the purpose of high-grade wooden box


Introduction to high-grade wooden boxes

High-grade wooden boxes are popular luxury packaging in recent years, especially some beautifully crafted wooden boxes. They do have the incomparable effect of ordinary packaging. They are graded, ornamental, and collectible. Ordinary may still run out, but still You may use wooden boxes, and even some high-end wooden boxes have the potential to appreciate. It can be described as a finely crafted product. The most high-end can be said to have unlimited potential! Such as mahogany wooden box packaging.

Advantages of high-grade wooden boxes

1. The wooden box protects the contents of the box from damage, such as leakage, waste, theft, loss, scattering, doping, shrinkage and discoloration. The protection measures are very important from the time of production to the time of use. If the wooden box cannot protect the contents, the box is a failure.

2. In order to distinguish the wooden box, the model number, quantity, brand and the name of the manufacturer or retailer must be indicated on the wooden box. Wooden boxes can help warehouse managers find products accurately, and help consumers find what they want.

3. Wooden boxes promote sales of certain brands, especially in select stores. In the store, the wooden box attracts the attention of the customer and turns his attention into interest. Some people think that "each wooden box is a long-lasting billboard." Good packaging can increase the appeal of new products, and the value of the box itself can also cause consumers to buy a product. In addition, increasing the attractiveness of wooden boxes is less expensive than increasing the price of a product unit.

Use of high-grade wooden boxes

Uses: There are many kinds of goods used for packaging in wooden boxes, such as ginseng, sea cucumber, tea, Cordyceps, etc. Some high-end luxury goods prefer wooden box packaging.

The ceremony of ‘reciprocation is here’ is actually a double meaning, ‘禮’ gift, that is, the item that delivers the guest. Another layer of meaning is the ritual ritual of ritual packaging. The packaging must be exquisite. This is not only a face problem, but also a direct basis for reflecting personal strength and personal image.


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