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Ordinary wooden box production process

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Ordinary wooden box production process


Wooden box

First, the purchased sheet is then processed into a sheet of the same thickness, the surface is smooth, and then the saw blade is spliced, and the general white latex is used for splicing. Then fixed, after a day it will do it.

Secondly, the treated wood board should be polished, and then put on the putty. After a day of polishing, if it is uneven and then polished, it must be smooth because it depends on the smoothness and smoothness of the paint. Finally, the primer is applied. After a day of polishing, you can use water sandpaper, starting from 600, and then painting and then grinding more than 600, until the hand feels smooth. Finally brush the topcoat, thin and even. It will be completed in a week.

Finally, you can draw beautiful patterns on the wooden box. If you have special requirements, you should also carry out pattern plate making. Dip the prepared pattern in water for a few seconds, take it out and stick it directly on the wooden box, then use the scraper to hang the water inside. After less than 10 hours, gently peel off the upper plastic film and cover it with a top coat.


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