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How does a packaging custom company make a color box?

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How does a packaging custom company make a color box?


Since the paper absorbs moisture during the printing process, after the surface treatment such as UV varnish, polishing, laminating, etc., the paper is more or less deformed during the production process, and the tension between the surface of the paper and the bottom surface after deformation is inconsistent. Deformation occurs. Since the sides of the carton have been fixed and fixed when the carton is formed, only the outward opening is opened, and the opening of the opening is too large after forming.

The process operation is also a non-negligible factor in the opening of the color box forming opening.

1. The surface treatment of pharmaceutical packaging usually adopts UV glazing, laminating, polishing and other processes. Among them, glazing, laminating, polishing, etc., the paper is dehydrated at high temperature, the water content is obviously reduced, and then the paper is stretched through the position. Fiber brittleness can be deformed. In particular, when the paper is coated with 300 g or more of the water-based machine, the paper is more stretched, and the product which is covered by the film is bent inward, and it is generally corrected artificially. The temperature of the polished product should not be too high. Generally, it should be controlled below 80 °C. After polishing, it usually takes about 24 hours. After the product is fully cooled, it can be produced in the next process. Otherwise, there will be a situation of explosion.

2, the die-cut version of the production technology also affects the formation of the carton, the manual version of the production is relatively poor, the specifications, cutting, bending knife is not good, the general manufacturers are basically eliminating the manual version and using the laser die company Made of beer plates. However, whether the size of the anti-locking and high-low line is set according to the weight of the paper, whether the specification of the cutting line is suitable for all the thickness of the paper, and whether the depth of the die-cutting line is suitable or the like affects the effect of the carton forming. The die-cut line is a mark that is pressed on the surface of the paper by the pressure between the stencil and the machine. If the die-cut line is too deep, the fiber of the paper is deformed by the pressure; if the die-cut line is too shallow, the paper fiber is not completely pressed. Due to the elasticity of the paper itself, when the two sides of the paper box are formed and folded back, the slit portion of the opening side is outwardly expanded, and the opening is opened excessively.


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